Details Times Two, LLC


The Process of Your Project

Many times new clients come to me with an idea or desire for a website or marketing portfolio feeling overwhelmed and at a loss on how to approach the project. You may have tried to design your own business cards or website with less than satisfactory results.

I understand that if you had the skill and patience to tweak all those fussy, meticulous details that I thrive on, you would not need me. Therefore, I have no expectation that you know how or what to do.

Setting the Project Goals

What is the goal of your website or marketing piece?
Who is your target market? Are you going to be selling items on your website?  Will you need an image gallery, a blog, or an email marketing newsletter?

In search of clarity ... We will meet to discuss page content and design needs. We will sit side-by-side to nail down a color palette—or you can trust me to decide. I will however, guide you away from colors that are not complementary. We can also achieve this process remotely via Skype, phone calls, and emails.
Submitting Content

Submit your content in electronic form. I can type the content but it will drive up the labor costs on your project. But by all means, if you have more money than you have time, I will type content.

If you are putting your face on your website, have a professional photograph taken. I cannot stress this enough. It is by far the biggest challenge I have with clients. Your potential customers will reject you over a bad photo. Be professional. This is not Facebook. I can recommend a professional photographer for you. All photos or artwork must be submitted in a 300 dpi format. There are no exceptions to this rule.

The Creativity Portal Opens and I go to Work!

This is where I "tszuj it up!" I will place all content, graphics files, video clips, connect and test all links, upload documents, submit your site to search engines, optimize your key word searches ... and more.

How long will this take?

The complexity of your site drives the timelines. Once I get all of the information and your job is scheduled, your website can be live in about 15 to 30 days, start to finish, barring any technical problems or unforeseen issues. Clients often have new ideas as a project evolves. This will affect the timeline as well as the cost. My current workload will affect the scheduling of your project. Please state your timelines clearly so expectations can be managed on the front end.
Review, Final Edits, and the Site Goes Live

You have final say over the overall look, content, and color of your website. Please keep in mind that a website is similar to a large body of water—it is ever changing. It needs to be kept fresh and interesting. It is not meant to be a piece of art carved in stone that stands still for eternity. At times, clients can get stuck in a thought process about perfection. A site can go live if you are missing that one key photo. It's not a problem to simply add it later.

Finally, you read your website over carefully word-for-word and let it sit for a few days then revisit it with fresh eyes for final inspection. As soon as you are happy with it, I will take your site live and train you on how to maintain it. If you would rather have me maintain it I will do so, billed in real time, in tenths of an hour.