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Pam Dazey offers hope to clients feeling overwhelmed by health challenges

Pam Dazey brings her warmth to Healing Concepts as a Certified Nutrition Specialist, Foot Reflexologist, Certified Infant Massage Instructor, and is Certified in Chakra Wisdom Healing. She specializes in the integration of healthy lifestyle change.

Foot Reflexology is an art and a science. Pam had the privilege to study quantum reflexology with one of the best in her field, Sandi Rogers of the Victorian School of Reflexology and Herbal Studies. Her early career was set in a doctor's office where scientific validation made for a solid foundation in reflexology. A good foot reflexologist is intuitive and possesses a great attention to detail—Pam has both!

As an advocate and teacher for persons with environmental sensitivities, Pam has extensive knowledge on issues surrounding toxins and their harmful effects on our health. She will work with you to evaluate lifestyle choices that may be contributing to unexplained health challenges and offer solutions for improved health and well-being.

Pam is a summa cum laude graduate of Ashworth College's Nutrition, Diet, and Health Science program. As a former natural foods store manager and sales manager for a major organic foods manufacturer, Pam brings over 24 years of experience in nutrition and the organic foods lifestyle. She is passionate as she teaches others the options available to consumers for increased health and wellness.
When you need to make a food change such as a gluten-free diet, Pam will conduct a farmers market or store tour, reading labels and coaching you on healthy food selections. She will cook side-by-side with you as you begin learning and thinking about food in a different way. Education and creating a plan is key to the success of making long-lasting changes in your health. Pam’s approach is loving, nurturing, and holistic … body, mind, and soul.