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Adult Nutrition
Intake Form

Download prior to your first nutrition consultation. Please print out, complete, and bring to your appointment.

Pediatric Intake Form

Download for children coming for nutrition consultations. Please print out, complete, and bring to your first appointment.

Personal Health Journal

A detailed accounting of lifestyle habits can be a powerful tool for finding the deeper cause of many health challenges.


7-Day Food Planner

Poor eating habits are usually the result of poor planning. A weekly food plan as a lifestyle will help break the habit of Fast Food, and replace it with Good Food Fast. Create a family meal prep day and have your food ready for the week. Your body will love you for it!

Anti Inflammatory Food List

Many experts now see inflammation as arising from an immune system response that’s out of control. When you catch a cold or sprain your ankle, your immune system switches into gear. Infection or injury trigger a chain of events called the inflammatory cascade.

Candida Questionnaire

Chronic sugar cravings may be caused by a systemic yeast condition. Candida illness can affect men, women and children. Explore the yeast connection in your life and help you take charge of your health. Visit The Yeast Connection®.