Details Times Two, LLC

B E F O R E  At first glance this first snapshot may appear perfectly cute. Good hair day. Happy. Nice neckline.

But at second glance ... what is going on with that wall color as the backdrop? How can that be used on marketing materials? Where is my chin? Oh, it’s tucked into my neck.

Is that the most flattering angle of my nose? And how about that HUGE shadow from poor lighting?

The flaws are now obvious and it has become an unusable, amateur "snapshot" ... which it was.
R E T A K E S   by a professional photographer produces a much different result.
As a graphic designer, I am a huge fan of the black-on-black photo shoot. Wear all black clothing against a black backdrop. You can see how versatile the end result is. I have used the color photo on one website because it looked great there. But for the most part, my professional image is represented in the sepia look on the right end. It universally works with my color palettes.
No shadows, nose size is now minimized by angle, my face is the feature—not the wall color, my inner sparkle was captured and the essence of who I am came through. A high self esteem, professional photo that says "I care."

This is a marketing piece. You are trying to stand out. You want to stand out in a positive light, not a negative way. Potential customers or clients are wanting is to see the confidence the person conveys in their photo. I personally think a professional head shot says something about a person ... but an amateur photo says even more!

So get out there and find somebody to take your professional photograph! Invest in a nice outfit, something you would wear to an interview, iron your clothes, and be confident that you are worth every penny of it!! If you could advance your career and give yourself a competitive edge, just by doing something this simple why wouldn't you, it pays off.