Details Times Two, LLC


Is this solution a good fit?

  1. Have you been trying to self-design a marketing portfolio in Vistaprint only to find your designs look like all of the other business cards on your local coffee shop bulletin board?
  2. Or perhaps you have spent hundreds of dollars with less than mediocre results?
  3. Do your business card, marketing materials, and website look like an amateur mishmash?
  4. Are you in a hostage situation with your graphic designer who has apparently fallen off the face of the earth or never provided electronic versions for laborious expensive projects?
  5. Are you an independent entrepreneur with a small budget but you know you need some kind of marketing collateral?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are my ideal client.

My specialty is providing a unique design, with continuity throughout your marketing portfolio, in a cost-effective, easy reorder system for you to manage. Once I design it, you own it and will have control to reorder at will or to make simple changes to your website. I often place reorders for clients only because I know how to obtain the lowest possible price. But that is a skill I can teach. I find that most business people would rather spend their time on their own businesses and pay me to handle the details.

To learn more or to schedule a consultation, email [email protected].

"I understand that you deserve to have your business as beautifully packaged as the services or products that you offer." —Pam Dazey