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Why Coffee Beans?

Anyone who knows me, knows that I use coffee beans to remove unwanted odors from everythingplastics, new car interiors, fragrances, etc. They are everyone in my environment! I recommend that you carry them with youin a glass jarwhen you travel to cleanse your olfactory nerve after an exposure to unwanted fragrances or chemicals. They can also help clear your sinuses and restore mental clarity by sniffing them.

Coffee Beans make great room fresheners scattered throughout your home in beautiful bowls!


EWG's 2017 Dirty Dozen

Click on image to download the EWG's Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce™

Highlights of the Dirty Dozen™ for 2017

For the Dirty Dozen list, EWG singled out produce with the highest loads of pesticide residues. This year the list includes, in order, strawberries, spinach, nectarines, apples, peaches, celery, grapes, pears, cherries, tomatoes, sweet bell peppers and potatoes.

Each of these foods tested positive for a number of different pesticide residues and contained higher concentrations of pesticides than other produce. Pears and potatoes were new additions to the Dirty Dozen, displacing cherry tomatoes and cucumbers from last year's list.

Key findings:

  • More than 98 percent of samples of strawberries, spinach, peaches, nectarines, cherries and apples tested positive for residue of at least one pesticide.
  • A single sample of strawberries showed 20 different pesticides.
  • Spinach samples had, on average, twice as much pesticide residue by weight than any other crop.

Source: Environmental Working Group

The Shocking Truth About Air Fresheners

Do you know that air fresheners with synthetic fragrances do not add natural aromas or “purify” the air? They work by interfering with your ability to smell so you don’t smell anything! They also produce toxic off-gassing from synthetic chemicals to ‘mask’ or ‘overpower’ the odors. They drown out the offensive smell by releasing chemical such as methoxychlor which coats your nasal passages with a film of oil or by deadening the olfactory nerves (which transmit signals from your nose to the brain and help you to identify smell).

Air fresheners are hazardous to your health and come in many forms such as aerosol sprays, scented or aromatherapy candles, fragrance impregnated gels, plug-in deodorizers, atomizers, wick and reed diffusers and many more.

Health Risks from Fabric Softeners

Central Nervous System exposure symptoms include: aphasia, blurred vision, disorientation, dizziness, headaches, hunger, memory loss, numbness in face, pain in neck and spine. Explore the chemicals found in fabric softeners, dryer sheets, dryer exhaust, and treated fabrics and their effects on your health.
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The healthy alternative to commercial fabric softeners is:  1/4 cup baking soda plus 1/4 cup white vinegar (or three glugs - glug, glug, glug) added to the rinse cycle. I also keep two Static Eliminators in my dryer at all times. Air fluffing and line drying your colored clothes will not only keep the static out but will keep your colors brighter, longer and make your clothes last!

A Wake-Up Story -
Must See Video. Watch it, share it. Join the movement.

Endocrine Disrupting Compounds (EDCs) are mainly synthetic chemicals that have been developed because of their useful properties in many common products including plastics, pesticides and herbicides, personal care products, household cleaning products and flame retardants. Secondary, and often unanticipated, properties of these chemicals include their dispersal into our soil, dust, air and water resources, and their subsequent uptake into wildlife and human bodies where they exert effects that disrupt the delicate balance of the endocrine (hormonal) system. EDCs can mimic, antagonize, or otherwise disrupt particular hormonal pathways, altering the balance of cellular responses. When these exposures occur during early (especially fetal) development, consequences can be severe, increasing the probability of later negative health outcomes including cancers, neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative diseases, metabolic disorders, asthma and immune disorders.

—Janet Gray, Professor of Psychology and Science, Technology & Society,

Vassar College and Science advisor and boardmember, Breast Cancer Fund

Healthy Child, Healthy World® - Empowering parents for healthier children.

Easy Steps to a Safer Pregnancy - An e-book resource for moms on easy steps they can take to reduce exposure to chemical toxins during pregnancy. (72.3MB Be patient while it downloads ... it's worth the wait!)

Easy Steps to a Safer Pregnancy Brochure - PDF (1.6MB)


Dietary Tips for Nursing Mothers

Breakfast Protein Planner

Lemon Water Early A.M. Cleanser


The Perfect Mattress Topper for Fibromyalgia 

Do you have a bed full of pillows that you use as "kick-stands" in search of relief from those painful pressure points? If you suffer from fibromyalgia pain, you understand the discomfort and exhaustion associated with trying to sleep! Here is a solution that I think will change your world! sells a NON-TOXIC (it really is odor free!) natural latex topper with an optional organic cotton cover that delivers restful slumber. Order according to the specs in the photo shown on left.

It's so good, you will wonder why you waited so long!


Cilantro Will Help Mobilize Mercury for Detoxification*

Mercury toxicity issues are implicated in a number of disease processes. Dr. Mercola, recommends that if you have elevated mercury levels or are considering dental amalgam removal, add cilantro to your daily health regimen. It is easy to get it into your daily green smoothies, protein shakes, salads, or taken in the form of an extract. In fact, organic extracts are an easy way to add them to your shakes and smoothies.

Cilantro also know as coriander, is very polarizing—people love it or loathe it! Cilantro often tastes like soap to persons with a genetic variant. The dislike of this herb has been traced to genes encoding odor and taste receptors. If you detest it, you'll have to skip it. Although, if you are not truly allergic, you could try it in capsules or you could put the extract on your wrists and absorb through it your skin.

*As with any detox protocol, go SLOW and LOW and make sure your "escape routes" are open and optimally functioning. Your escape routes include skin, bowels, and kidneys.

Feng Shui: The Ancient Art of Placement

Are you feeling stuck in areas of your life? Feng Shui (meaning literally "wind water") is part of an ancient Chinese philosophy of nature. Simply stated, it is understanding the relationships between nature and ourselves so that we might live in harmony within our environment.

FENG SHUI balances the flow of nature’s rhythms (chi) in our homes, work places, and lives.
Each detail may affect receiving positive or negative life energies: shape, position, spirit, color,
smell, sound, flow. Stand in the doorway and survey your NINE LIFE AREAS. Note clutter,
emptiness, blocks. Is chi flowing? First solution is to unblock doors, let in good energy.
Second: stop runaway energy in halls and rooms. Open life areas for good “vibes” (chi).

CURES TO CREATE FLOW: crystals, bamboo flutes, ribbons, beads, mobiles, fountains, mirrors, chimes, color, symbolic suggestions.

Food as Medicine

Sardines are an excellent source of vitamin B12. A four-ounce serving provides 137 percent of the Daily Value for this important nutrient.

1 can sardines or kipper snacks
1-2 teaspoons Dijon mustard
1 tablespoon onion, finely chopped
½ teaspoon fresh lemon juice
1. Drain the fish and mash them with a fork in a bowl together with the mustard.
2. Add the onion and lemon juice.
Try sardines for breakfast and see how your brain hums along at optimal performance! I know it sounds weird, just try it! My favorite sardines are Crown Prince Natural Wild Caught Boneless & Skinless Sardines in Olive Oil. They are available at local health food stores or online at

Nasal Irrigation

Do you have a stuffy nose from allergies or a cold? Nasal irrigation may help. Here's how it works. You pour a saline solution into one nostril. As it flows through your nasal cavity into the other nostril, it washes out mucus and allergens.

See 1/15 slideshow on WebMD on How Nasal Irrigation Works.
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