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10 Weeks to Healthful Living - Week Ten

Posted on April 1, 2018 at 2:15 PM

WEEK TEN: Get the entire family involved in "Meal Prep Sundays"

This is a good time to share daily events, discuss goals and feelings, create healthy habits, etc. Children and partners want one-on-one time and this is the perfect activity to create that space. You will be able to put “Good Food Fast” type meals on your table if you have planned your meals for the week and prepped ahead of time. We end up in drive-thrus buying detrimental foods due to poor planning.

  • Roast a chicken, turkey, etc. and package in single servings to grab on the go from the freezer
  • Have hard-boiled eggs on hand to grab for a quick protein snack
  • Create snack packs of fresh vegetables or berries for quick snacks on the go
  • Prepare quinoa tabouli, which has fresh vegetables, herbs, and high protein grain for grab-n-go lunches for the week
  • Make smoothies with protein powder
  • Simmer a pot of healthy soup for evening dinners or to pack in a thermos for lunch
  • Teach your children well ... eat real foods ... and be well!

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