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10 Weeks to Healthful Eating - Week Four

Posted on June 7, 2016 at 9:20 PM

WEEK FOUR:  Visit a health food store or local organic farmers market

Do not buy anything on this visit ... unless you see something new or yummy you would like to try! The idea is to step into unfamiliar territory and see items you are not accustomed to seeing or using. This can be overwhelming so time activate your visit. Do not stay any longer than 30 minutes.

Begin to think about visiting your local farmers market on a weekly basis. Local markets provide support to our local economy, use less petroleum to transport foods around the globe, contain less chemicals to keep the food fresh for transport … and so on.

Ask someone that can give you a tutorial to go with you in case you have questions or need support.

If your lifestyle includes the majority of your meals being purchased through a drive thru window, REMEMBER, you are here becasue you are taking a step outside your comfort zone.